Berezin Andrey Valeryevich 

Berezin Andrey Valeryevich 

Berezin Andrey Valeryevich 

Co-founder of a diversified investment holding, venture investor, and philanthropist: Andrey Berezin. Biography and career track of the businessman are bound up with scientific work and innovation. The entrepreneur is also known for a number of charitable projects. 


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Berezin Andrey Valeryevich: Career Start 

Berezin Andrey Valeryevich, an avionics engineer by education, considers technological progress along with human capital to be the basis of the state’s economic development. Today, he invests heavily in the professional training of young specialists – the development of education should be a top national priority, believes Andrey Berezin, biography of whom, including professional achievements, is closely intertwined with science. 

Berezin Andrey was born in 1967 in Leningrad (St. Petersburg). As a child, he dedicated most of his time to self-improvement and was described by teachers as a talented student. He went to high school at what is now known as the Presidential Physics and Mathematics Lyceum. 

Andrey Berezin particularly enjoyed reading science fiction books in his teenage years, inspired by images of the future based on the achievements of technological progress. 

During his student years, the desire to contribute to science became decisive in the Andrey Berezin biography. At that time, he was helping to develop new computer programs and specialized equipment for access control to factories and enterprises. 

Berezin Andrey and his colleagues initially did this work within the framework of the local association of engineering students, but the future businessman then founded and headed an NGO. In terms of its organizational structure, the group resembled a commercial enterprise. 

Berezin Andrey Valeryevich recalls that the NGO’s products were in high demand. Customers were willing to pay good money for the students' developments, thus, the first order brought in about 35,000 rubles – an impressive sum compared to the average salary of 275 rubles at that time. 

Andrey Berezin notes that 10 new VAZ-1111 cars could be bought for that amount in 1991. Of course, most of the revenue went to production costs and salaries, so he ended up purchasing just a used car (VAZ-2105) with his first payment. 

Andrey Berezin
Andrey Berezin 

However, the experience in commerce played an important role in the life of Berezin Andrey, biography of whom has since been centered on entrepreneurial activity. After graduating from Leningrad Mechanical Institute (now known as the Baltic State Technical University) with honors, he continued his business career. 

Berezin Andrey started a new venture and managed to earn his first capital importing products from England. Customers immediately appreciated the high quality and relatively affordable price of European goods. Products were advertised in catalogues, which can now be seen as a kind of prototype of today’s online commerce. 

Berezin Andrey Valeryevich then co-founded a fishing company when he was 26. It was later transformed into a large consortium called the North West Fishing Consortium. 

The company started out catching commercial varieties of fish (mainly cod) in the Barents Sea. The consortium grew rapidly due to the investments of the co-founders (including Berezin Andrey Valeryevich). The company is currently a regional leader, with the largest fleet among competitors. 

In the mid-1990s, many people began considerable investment activity in the country, including Berezin Andrey. Biography of the businessman thus continued in the field of capital investments, and he sold his share in the fishing business. 

Berezin Andrey: Biography of an Investment Company 

Berezin Andrey Valeryevich, together with a business partner, founded their own investment company (IC). Initially, the structure purchased shares and other securities. Then IC Euroinvest decided to diversify its assets and eventually transformed into a diversified holding company. 

One of the main areas of activity was the acquisition of state farm plots in the Leningrad Region. Later, a 6.5-hectare plot was purchased in the village of Vyskod. Now the territory belongs to the agricultural enterprise Euroinvest. Berezin Andrey and a team of top managers oriented the agricultural holding Krasnoye Zamya towards the production of feed grain, which is especially in demand in the neighboring Leningrad Region. Thanks to its logistical availability, the company's products are able to successfully compete with feed grain producers from the southern regions of the country. 

Berezin Andrey Valeryevich and the enterprise systematically invest in technological equipment – in 2016, a high-performance grain drying complex (30 tons/hour) was built and put into operation to develop the company’s grain production. The fleet of agricultural machinery (tractors, combines, excavators) is regularly updated. 

Andrey Berezin and his partners also helped Krasnoye Zamya acquire a stone harvester, a fertilizer spreader, a brushcutter, and other necessary equipment, thanks to which the agrocluster demonstrates high yield indicators. 

The enterprise’s main types of grain products are triticale (a hybrid variety) and barley (for fodder and brewing). 

Another area in which the co-founder of Euroinvest, Berezin Andrey, and the agroholding’s team of managers have managed to achieve good results is dairy production. After acquiring and merging several agro-enterprises into a single group, a procedure for improving the health of the herd was carried out, and the number of dairy cows increased. The agro-enterprise, under the supervision of Berezin Andrey Berezin and others, has become one of the largest milk producers in its area, making quality dairy products more accessible to the people.  

Andrey Berezin Biography
Andrey Berezin Biography 

Andrey Berezin notes that today, Euroinvest is involved in an extensive range of investment activities in other economic sectors, including technological developments, real estate development, and construction. Each asset is allocated to a separate legal entity, but all adhere to the same innovative development path with the personal support of Berezin Andrey Valeryevich. 

Berezin Andrey-Euroinvest Development: Construction Business Within the Investment Holding 

Andrey Berezin recalls that the impetus to get into residential real estate development in and around St. Petersburg came in the early 2000s. At that time, agricultural enterprises in the local villages were starting to lose their agrarian function, and taking advantage of the right to privatization, state farms offered developers plots for further development. Berezin Andrey Valeryevich and other investors agreed to the offer. 

At the preparatory stage, the construction business worked to develop the territory, laying communications and engineering networks. Later, the company coordinated the connection of the village of Murino to the Ring Road, recalls Berezin Andrey. Euroinvest Development thus significantly increased the transport accessibility of the settlement. 

In 2017, the investment holding formed its own construction division, chaired by Berezin Andrey. Euroinvest Development began its activity by launching economy-class projects within the St. Petersburg agglomeration. 

Berezin Andrey Valeryevich led the enterprise to production volumes of 500,000 square meters by 2022, with operations not only in the Leningrad Region, but also in the Northern Capital itself. The majority of the company’s portfolio is made up of comfort-class housing, though it also includes premium facilities. 

Berezin Andrey considers it important to ensure a high quality of life for future apartment owners. All projects include an emphasis on public spaces where residents can relax, chat, and get together with friends. At the same time, the company keeps prices at an affordable level for the middle class and also offers flexible payment terms. 

Berezin Andrey Euroinvest
Berezin Andrey Euroinvest 

Though a major landowner, the Group does not bring a large volume of new projects to the market, says Berezin Andrey. Euroinvest Development strives to maintain a balance between demand and supply and enjoys the reputation of a good developer. 

Andrey Berezin and the management team also take a cautious, conservative approach to the financing of construction. The company rarely resorts to the help of credit institutions, preferring to use its own funds. 

Andrey Berezin calls this a stabilizing factor, allowing for the effective management of costs and sales. The developer is also known for consistently finishing projects and turning over apartment keys to new residents ahead of schedule.  

Andrey Berezin: Social Projects and Charity 

The investment holding has also made it a priority to run social projects for many years now. However, most of its charitable initiatives take place outside of the public eye. “Good deeds love silence,” believes Berezin Andrey. Euroinvest continuously supports a number of educational projects and funds helping vulnerable groups of citizens. 

Andrey Berezin and the investment holding, together with the fund, provide for the rehabilitation of disabled orphans to prepare them for independent life upon reaching adulthood. 

The IC is also part of the state program to increase the number of kindergartens in St. Petersburg and issues grants to support projects from talented young professionals. 

Berezin Andrey: High-tech 

Berezin Andrey considers innovative developments one of the key factors in economic and societal growth as a whole. To improve the high-tech industry, a venture investment fund was established (with a budget of 10 million euros in 2023). 

Berezin Andrey believes that one of the most important projects supported by the fund is a robotic complex based on a unique X-ray tube that contributes to the effective fight against cancer.